Reviews of Ezer-Up Couch Risers


"The lift was like a miracle life-saver. It made it much easier to stand up and I really do recommend them. The Lord put you in the right place at the right time for me. Thank you so much."

— Ed S. from Oregon City, OR, April 9, 2019 


"What is the benefit of the Ezer-Ups? If you could see me jump up out of my chair, you could see the benefit. It's much easier to get out of the chair now, like a young sprout! I don't need to use my cane to get up. It's very very helpful and so much easier to stand up."

— Veteran Ken H.


"I am delighted that I can stand up from our couch and loveseat by myself now. I have muscle weakness from Parkinson's Disease and Ezer-up is the perfect product to elevate our furniture so I can be independent and mobile in our home. My wife loves them because she doesn't have to help me stand up."

— Glynn


"I am pleased with my Ezer-ups that raise my sofa and loveseat. It is so much easier for me and my vintage lady friends to sit and stand up. The Ezer-Ups look like part of my furniture — you can hardly tell they are there."

— Charlotte


"Ezer-Ups are great! Our couch and chair are old but still look nice. Now I sit up straighter to read and it doesn't bother my back as much after sitting for a long time."

— Ray


"The Ezer-Up packaging is easy to open and the instructions are easy to read and follow. My wife and I were able to install them within 5 minutes from the time we opened the package. Now it is noticeably easier for both of us to sit down and rise up from the sofa! When our grandkids lose something under the sofa, it is much easier to retrieve the lost items. Ezer-Ups are an excellent example of ingenuity and functionality and we love them!"

— Dan and LuAnn


"I installed the Ezer-Ups and loved them so much I bought another set. You’ve got a great product. Love it!"

— Susan, April 22, 2020


"The Ezer-Up risers are working very well for my father. We are using them on a loveseat in the living room and the risers have been completely stable and have provided him with those extra inches which make going from sitting to standing a little bit easier. We sincerely appreciate the product and your personalized attention during the ordering, your follow-up, and your personal note/candy to Harvey in the riser package. We have dealt with many professionals, healthcare companies, supply companies, etc during the past year and you and your product are simply the best! Many thanks, stay healthy, and again - our sincere thanks from the entire family."

— Jan 13, 2021


"I’m a large lady with a large chair. For point-of-reference, I will disclose my weight is 370 pounds. I have a stationary recliner. I had tried the plastic and hollow wood risers that are readily available in stores and online. They either could not support my weight and broke, or they tipped over because they are unstable. After much research, I found the Ezer-up risers. My grandson installed them in less than 5 minutes. They will not tip over because of the way they are made. They’re not just plastic but have a metal reinforced piece inside. They seem more expensive at first, but you only need to buy them once. You won’t have to keep replacing the Ezer-up risers due to collapse or failure. Customer service is outstanding. My questions were answered very quickly by the nicest person. If you’re having a hard time getting up from your chair or couch, I highly recommend the Ezer-up risers. They are fantastic!"

— Cheryl Smith from Wyoming, August 9, 2020


"The risers work great! Pads absolutely non-skid. Thank you so much. It's a huge help."

— Ginger