Why are Ezer-Up furniture risers better than others?

Thanks for asking our favorite FAQ. For starters, these risers come in an adjustable size to fit just about any furniture. The 35 inch size for most furniture and the 40 inch size for deeper furniture. They are designed to fit just about any furniture leg or foot. Plus they are handsome and heavy-duty. They can each hold 600 pounds, so the 4 riser supports can hold 2,400 pounds of compression weight. They are also non-slip having a removable rubber pad under the rear support.

Can I use Ezer-Ups under recliners?

Yes, the work great, except for swivel recliners that have a round base, give us a call at 503.557.5552 for details. You can even use them under large single or double recliner sofas.

If I have a big sofa, how many people are needed to install Ezer-Ups?

For heavy sofas, it is recommended that three people install the Ezer-Ups. Two people to lift one end of the sofa and one person to position the Ezer-Up one at a time. If you have a strong person, two people may be able to install them easily.

Are Ezer-Ups available in different colors?

No, they are only available in a handsome textured black finish. If you buy now, you will receive FREE SHIPPING (on the 35" Ezer-Ups). Don't wait. Keep your comfortable sofa or recliner and begin standing up easier right away with Ezer-Ups.

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