About us

Greetings friends and neighbors!

We are a family-owned business with Terry and Nancy and a big family in the beautiful state of Oregon. Our Company name is Tanaxis, which stands for Terry and Nancy Axis. Everything we sell is made 100% here in the United States of America, in Oregon. We love our Country and want to be good citizens.

Some time ago we recognized a need to elevate sofas, loveseats, and recliners so it would be easier for some people to stand from a sitting position. After looking at several types of bed risers and different types of upside-down "cup" risers, it was apparent that a more stable and attractive furniture riser could be made and we began designing such a product.

The result of our considerable research and development and testing is the Ezer-Up furniture riser. Recently there have been several companies introduce competing products but none are comparable to the good looks and stability of Ezer-Ups.

We realize now that this is a great market to be servicing, one where our products help people in a practical, affordable way. It is delightful to see a person suddenly once again be independent and mobile in their home, simply by making it a little easier to stand up! We can help not only the elderly and taller people but also people who have had surgery or are in some way disabled in their ability to sit and stand.

Many people do not want or need an expensive "stand you up" electric chair, but prefer something simple and discrete that helps them stand up and allow them to be independent. This product really does help many people stand up easier!

About Ezer-Up furniture risers from Tanaxis
About Ezer-Up furniture risers from Tanaxis