Sitting Comfortably On Your Couch or Chair With a Lumbar Pillow

Minor low back pain can be affected by how we sit and whether or not there is true lumbar support positioned where it can be beneficial.
What is a lumbar pillow? 

First, a description of lumbar by Miriam Webster:  of, relating to, or constituting the loins or the vertebrae between the thoracic vertebrae and sacrum. 

(See an illustration of the lumbar above and a video link about the spine by Spine-health below)

A lumbar pillow is any pillow intended to create comfort by supporting the lumbar or the lower back.

Here are some examples of lumbar pillows:

Lumbar pillow fillings, or what goes inside the pillow, can include the following materials:  

Low density foam, high density foam, memory foam,  layered densified polyfiber, lose or overstuffed polyfill or goose down, buckwheat hulls and other filling materials in addition to special non-moisture absorbing outdoor foam

Further, there are multilayer pillows that combine soft material on the outer layer for “early soft touch” with firmer material on the inside for more ridged support. Besides a myriad of pillow fillings, there are many different shapes and sizes.

So how do I know what size or style of lumbar pillow will work best and what type of filling will be most comfortable for me?

Because there are so many physical conditions causing back pain, every person has their own specific solution to create ideal comfort for themselves.  A trial and error approach of what feels best using a variety of lumbar pillow types, would be worthwhile.

Most of my time spent working is in front of a computer on a pretty decent office chair, and I have always used a pillow to support my back.  

Recently, my backache flared up. The pillow was not working well so I began trying different back support methods.  Two pillows were a slight improvement and a small, medium density roll pillow for the middle back did not work very well because it would not stay at the desired height.  I obtained a firm density foam pillow that was slightly tapered and provided support to my middle back.  It was comfortable at first, but did not reduce the back pain.

Finally, the best solution for me was a smaller, firm roll pillow positioned low to my back.  Ahaaa…much better!  May you find something that works well for you.

Link about the spine by Spine-health: