PRESS RELEASE - Sep 14, 2016 - Oregon City, OR

Innovative New Product for Seniors - 

Many older people struggle to stand up from their favorite chair or couch. Tanaxis Corp. has developed a unique furniture riser called “Ezer-Up” that helps people stand up easier. 

By raising furniture 3 inches, sitting posture is often improved, requiring fewer muscles and less effort to stand up.  A diagram shows the difference between sitting too low and sitting correctly to make standing easier.       

Terry Lingmann, a semi-retired engineer designed and built the Ezer-Ups to be uncommonly stable and easy to install.   Ezer-Ups are unique because each riser supports two legs of the furniture rather than typical risers which require one riser for each leg.

According to Coming of Age, the 50+ Marketing Agency, there are over 110 million Baby Boomers and older consumers who live in America and within 5 years, 50% of the U.S. population will be 50+. 

Most seniors are frugal shoppers, regardless of their current financial situation.  Yet personal comfort and minimizing aches and pains is a high priority.  Several “modern” inventions such as memory foam and ergonomic office chairs are highly engineered to provide comfort value where relatively few dollars are traded for noticeably improved comfort.

It seems possible and even likely that well designed mobility devices such as furniture risers have a promising future providing comfort value to millions of seniors.

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