Hip Mobility Problems and Vitamin Supplements

By Terry Lingmann

Large leg muscles help us stand from a sitting position.  Energy in the form of contraction of our leg muscles and calf muscles is transferred through ankle joints, knee joints and hip joints to essentially “lever” us up to a standing position.  If our hips are stiff or sore or arthritic or have any of many possible physical issues, it hinders our ability to stand up easily.  Pain while standing can come from any of these joints.  The more pain we experience, the more difficult and uncomfortable it is to move.  If the pain or the problem is bad enough, it can prevent us from moving or standing all together.

I am an engineer, not a doctor, so what I have to say is quite different than the information you would get from an orthopedist or physician, but my purpose in this article is to convey a potential solution or remedy to people experiencing hip problems.  Hip health is relevant to our business of designing and manufacturing furniture risers that assist people in standing up easier.  It is our desire to help as many people as we can.  Maybe my personal story can be of benefit.

Both my mother and her father had hip replacements in both legs.  At age 51, I was experiencing pain in my hips, ranging from moderate pain when walking, to extreme pain when trying to run.  I had been a regular jogger five days a week since I was 22.  It even hurt to walk.  I was taking mild pain pills but would also lose sleep at night because of the annoying discomfort.  At the time it seemed inevitable that I would have to have at least one of my hip joints replaced and I was ready to make the doctor appointment. 

A friend told me about several cases where people had been cured of specific illnesses, including hip degeneration, by taking top quality nutritional supplements.  A prescription for building healthy bones, using these supplements, was available from Dr. Ray Strand.  I decided to try it and placed my first order to USANA.  After three months, it seemed I was feeling a little better.  After six months of taking the supplements, the pain was almost completely gone and I was feeling great!  Over time the issues with my hips were completely gone and I continue taking these supplements today.  Happily, I still jog and walk one mile five days a week.

At age 65, I am very grateful for the good health I enjoy.  Will USANA supplements help everybody?  I don’t know and certainly don’t want to foster unrealistic expectations for anyone, but I do have a personal witness of how my hip problems were cured.  There is no doubt for me, that proper nutrition including vitamin supplements is vital to an active senior adult lifestyle. 

One word of caution; the vitamin supplement industry is not regulated like the drug industry; you basically get what you pay for in vitamins, in terms of potency and effectiveness.  I’ve tried substituting lower cost Costco calcium tablets in place of the USANA calcium and after a few weeks, it seems the old symptoms start to reappear.  I guess I’m a lifetime convert to this brand.  My wife is a cancer survivor and she takes them as well.  If you have any questions or comments, please give me a note on our web site blog at www.tanaxis.com  or email me at tlingmann@tanaxis.com.