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Little Boost Platform for recliners
Little Boost Platform fits a recliner chair base up to 27” x 37” (68 cm x 68 cm)

"Mom often had trouble standing up from her low recliner. She loves the little 'boost' this platform gives her. It makes standing a breeze."
— Barbara, Satisfied Customer

Little Boost Platform for recliners

$ 216.90

Do you need a boost? Get a Little Boost Platform.

It’s sturdy, simple and safe. Made of recyclable ABS plastic. Fits a chair base up to 27” x 37” (68 cm x 68 cm).

The affordable Little Boost Platform for recliners is ideal for any one who:

  • Is recovering from surgery

  • Is dealing with Alzheimer's

  • Is suffering with arthritis

  • Has a bad back

  • Doesn't want or need to spend a lot of money on a slow, electric lift chair.

It is stationary, requires no assembly, just set your chair on the Little Boost Platform!

This is the most stable, secure furniture riser for recliners available anywhere!

"The Little Boost has been a knee saver for me. That little bit of elevation takes the stress off my knees when I get out of my recliner. Also, since I recently broke my shoulder, it has been a lifesaver as I can't use that arm to push myself up! Thank you so much for this marvelous device."

— Susan, satisfied customer

"The platform is sturdy and provides just the extra height needed so that a tall person can rise without injury. I have arthritis and could not rise without assistance until I got the platform. I have purchased two and totally satisfied. Pricey, but worth it."

— Jane, happy customer

"Mobility Problems associated with Alzheimer's have made it difficult for my husband to get in & out of his recliner. I priced lift recliners & found they run $700 - $900 & Medicare does not cover the entire cost. Little Boost has solved our problem completely & my husband can get in & out of his recliner without my help now. You have solved the problem, saved us money & saved my back! What a blessing!"

— Nancy, RN + very happy customer

If you want risers that you don't have to worry about tipping over or breaking, Ezer-Ups will not tip and are built to last.

They connect the front furniture leg with the rear furniture leg, creating the most stable furniture risers available. And they look good with your furniture!

Why spend $700 to $2,800 for slow, electric lifters?

Ezer-Ups are a simple, attractive solution to standing with less pain, that costs much less. You will be surprised at what a difference it makes by simply elevating your existing furniture 3 inches! And there is no need to replace the comfortable furniture you have now.

Ezer-Ups are made of reinforced metal on the inside and recyclable ABS on the outside.

They are exceptionally stable, easy to install, and are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.


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